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Quantum LIGHT Teachers Official Registry

Please fill the form, registry your self as Quantum LIGHT Master Teacher to/for the official list of Quantum LIGHT Teachers

Quantum LIGHT has 9 frequencies of certifications Master Teacher (9 levels, 9 Books, 9 Certifications)

*you will receive in 24hours your official personal LightCODE as original Teacher of Quantum LIGHT frequencies!

namaste ♡

Creator/Owner Niki Papageorgiou Reiki Grand Master Teacher Author ♡
Founder of Quantum Light Reiki ♡ Certified Reiki Courses, Meditations, Therapies, Seminars, Books

*Reiki Certifications are Internationally recognised with Lineage namaste ♡ I AM Certified for every Reiki Course & for every creation I made in my Reiki Shop with Trust Love Believe Reiki namaste ♡

♡ Tel. +357 97 891698
♡ Limassol, Cyprus
I am here if you need me Thank you!
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